I am a small breeder and I am passionate about Australian Shepherds. I have a litter or 2 a year and look forward to my time with what will become your best friend. I breed only Standard Australian Shepherd.

Please know that an Australian Shepherd is not a rug.  These are active dogs that enjoy, and need exercise. They love to play, run, and generally be active.  They do have an "off" switch and will lay at your feet but the most important thing is...they need a job.  It can be obedience, fly ball, walks, hikes, or agility.  Left to their own devices they WILL find something to do.     

After you live with an Australian Shepherd you will probably never have any other kind of dog. One of our puppy buyers was asked by an obedience instructor ..."Are you smart enough to own this dog?" Oh, she was smart enough , this was her third Aussie.  These dogs live with you and want to be with you ALL THE TIME. They will leave fur in your house because that's where they live. These dogs are family dogs. They are protective, very good with children, and very, very smart. They do not live on chains or in cages for long periods of times. Ours love to sleep in their crates but during the day they are with us, or around the house.

Having an Aussie in your life takes a commitment from you. It is the same commitment that I have to you and the dogs I breed. I do not sell you a dog and fall off the earth. I want to hear about your life together and see pictures. I can tell you about most every dog I've ever bred. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of living with an Aussie I hope that you will check out our links page and learn about this wonderful breed. Ask me any questions. I want to add you to our list of people who love our dogs.