Riding the Aussie Underground Railroad

All dogs deserve to live in a safe environment where they are loved and cherished.  To that end we regularly transport Aussies to loving homes and foster care in what can only be called "The Aussie Underground Railroad."  This is a free service where each person drives about an hour.  In some cases the dogs are flown by volunteers.  In every case we work to save the lives of as many Aussies as we can.  Please consider joining us in a cause that works all over the US.  Check us out at http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/aussiecur/

Katelyn was abandoned at a kill shelter in southern VA very pregnant and was scheduled to be put down.  One day before she was to be killed a group of fabulous  volunteers got her out and sent her to a Vet in WV.  She delivered 5 beautiful, healthy blue puppies on St. Patrick's Day..  A whole crew of dedicated foster folks in Blacksburg and ARPH volunteers in Richmond and CT set up the run from VA to CT and the game was on- http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/CT185.html

This is what rescue is about.  Rocky lived with two older people who, when they both had strokes, was taken to a vet to be put down.  The vet refused and suggested that the care giver call us.  I simply asked where she lived.  She said Woodstock (VA).  I told her "I'd be there in an hour.  Have him and his bowl ready."  Now this boy was 7 years old and weighed 77 lbs.  Add to that the fact that he was intact, had the longest tongue we'd ever seen, and never been in a crate.  Heck, he'd never seen another dog.  Because of the situation at the time (two girls in heat and our own intact male) we turned him over to a great foster home.  We would have kept this dog even though we already had one male but the timing was wrong.  But the timing was right for our friend Sam.  When she came back from a visit with over 185 pictures on her phone all concerned knew we had found Rocky his forever home.

Sam is a vet tech who lives with a roommate and a border collie.  Well you get the idea.  Rocky is down to 56 lbs, has two new BFFs, and can't wait for Sam to get home...from downstairs (she lives above the clinic.)  Take a look at this boy and you'll agree he is a treasure to everyone in his life.