Sleepy time at Dove Creek Aussies- 11.15

Puppy Survival-

I created this blog so new puppy owners could help each other out-  

Right now- you might be asking yourself - "What have I gotten myself into?"   That cute animal I brought home is a terrorist!!!  Or boy - she's cute when she's sleeping!!!  We've all been there.  I'm still there with Dozer-lol   I was not kidding when I said the first year was rough- but it's sooooo much fun.   What you do this first year, forms your relationship with your dog.  You should be telling her you are the pack leader, believe it or not she's listening.   Biting, attacking, running around- are all…Read more
Our next litter will be in late spring or early summer of 2013.  Sadie will be bred to Fly from Stonehaven Aussies.  Fly is a red merle so this litter could have all 4 colors.  As you can see Fly is a very handsome boy.  If you've never gotten a puppy from me please fill out a questionaire.  We will be accepting deposits for what will be a very popular litter as soon as the breeding takes place.  If you would like to secure a spot before that please let me know.  These pups will go fast.

2013 Puppies 1st video

Friday June 21 2013