There are videos and pictures of all of our 2010 puppies below.

Yesterday, Jan 8th, was quite a day.  Shelby, LG, and Diamond (now Yoda) were placed with their forever families.  Shelby will be joining a family with lots of Aussies.  Her new parents were thrilled beyond belief.  LG has joined a family on a farm with an unbelievable variety of animals to herd.  Her new friend include brand new lambs that will have to be guarded.  She also has a new BFF, a bulldog.  She does everything the bulldog does...only twice. 

Diamond met his new parents.  He'll be living in North Carolina.  His new mom decided he looked like Yoda so that was it.  Our fluff monster is now Yoda.  Rumor is another one with lots of Aussies in the Family.  She has a 4 year old to watch in Tenn.  Reagan went home this week with many tears shed by Gail.  Both he and Arrow live near by so we'll able to watch them grow.

This was a great litter but what a load of work with Christmas thrown in.  Thank you to everyone who contacted us.  The next litter will be this spring or summer and should be from our girl Sadie.

When you take your puppy home it will have had its first puppy shot, been wormed twice, and will have had its eyes checked by a vision veterinarian.    Your vet will set up heartworm and flea control regiments for your puppy's well being. We have included information on medications your puppy, and full grown Aussie, shouldn't have on our Vet Info link.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOUR VET ISN'T FAMILIAR WITH AUSSIES.

No puppies left in the 2010 litter

LG at 7 weeks

Diamond at 7 Weeks

2 Year Old Addie and Diamond

Puppies still at home at 7 Weeks